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Frequently Asked Questions

How many therapists have you listed worldwide?

To date (March, 2016) we are aware of about 500-600 Hijama Therapists worldwide.

Our immediate goal is to find at least 1,000 worldwide to serve the Muslim Ummah of 1 Billion (that equates to at least 1 per Million Muslims!)

Eventually we think we should at least 7,000 Hijama Therapists worldwide for a world population of 7 Billion (which equates again to 1 per 1 Million Humans!)

As you can see from the above figures, it seems there is a severe shortfall of Hijama Therapists, so if you are one, please list your entry in the directory, or if you are thinking of becoming one, this may encourage you to start your journey


Have you verified the therapists listed in your directory?

The simple answer is NOT YET, please see the explanation on the Home Page.

The reason for this is, as this is a worldwide Hijama Directory, we don't (yet) have the resources to visit each therapist personally and verify that they are indeed a competent and experienced Hijama Therapist. InshaAllah if we do eventually come with a practical system for verifying entries, we will put it in place.

For now it will be your job as a prospective Hijama patient, once you locate your nearest therapist in the directory, to verify their credentials before you proceed with any treatments.

I am a Hijama Therapist, how do I add my details to the Hijama Directory

Please create your account at this link:

Once you have registered, go to the Items tab and add your entry/entries. Once you have submitted an entry, our moderators will review it within 3-5 working days, and publish if all in order, and email you the link for you to check. You can then login again to make further amendments (please note each time an edit is made, the entry will stay in draft mode until published by our moderators within 3-5 working days, so please bear with us)