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Male Therapist Languages spoken: Arabic-English  

Ilkay Zihni Chirali

Male Therapist Languages spoken: Somali English Arabic Training from: Prophetic Medicine

Female Therapist Languages spoken: ENGLISH, URDU PUNJABI CMA certified Hijama therapist

Hijama Training organisation for medical professionals. Professionalising Cupping Therapy through Research, Education and Regulation. The British Cupping Society (BCS) is lead by a team of medical professionals aiming to professionalise Cupping…

Aleksandra Bogatyriova Female Therapist Languages spoken: English Leech Therapist

Female Therapist Providing Home Visits Dr (MD), Hijama Therapist and trainer ( trained and certified by NHNF and Walid Zamzam). Specialist in clinical nutrition and lifestyle medicine, functional medicine, acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture and…

Male Therapist Languages spoken: English, Urdu, French, Arabic  

EIADA CUPPING SPECIALIST is based in Greater London. Qualified & certified Hijama Practioner.   Currently  EIADA CUPPING SPECIALIST offers this service for women only. We have clients who chose to come from far & wide…  Languages…

Female Therapist Languages spoken: English Trained by: Walid ZamZam

Male Therapist Languages spoken: English & Arabic Trained by: The British Cupping Society

Male & Female Therapists Languages spoken: English, Urdu, Memon, Hindi and Gujrati CMA certification and Health Means Wealth  

Male Therapist Languages spoken: English, Arabic, French, Urdu, Bangla and Czeck Certificates from UK and Egypt- Fully insured

Male Therapist Languages spoken: Kurdish, English Qualified nutritionist, Dorn therapist, naturopath,qualified Iridologist, qualified NHNF Hijamah therapist

Female Therapist Languages spoken: English/ Farce/ Danish  

Female Therapist Languages spoken: English NHNF