2018 UPDATE: After 10 years of running the Hijama Directory, we are now taking the next step of basic verification of all entries to create a high-quality Directory!

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The Directory is for information purposes only and is not to endorse or otherwise reject any of the therapists or trainers registered with us, so prospective hijama patients / clients / students are advised to verify the therapist’s / trainers qualifications, competence and suitability for themselves, as like with any profession, hijama therapists and trainers also come in varying degrees of competence.

So in brief, this Directory is just here to help you find your nearest available therapist or trainer. How good and experienced they are, we cannot currently say (as we currently would not have the resources to go round the world and test each one of them out!), so that will be your job to find out for yourself before you proceed with any treatments or training.

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