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The Hijama Directory is a project of the Hijama blog www.ahealth.co.uk after receiving ongoing requests from our subscribers to help them find their nearest therapist in their part of the world.

The Directory is for information purposes only and is not to endorse or otherwise reject any of the therapists registered with us, so prospective hijama patients / clients are advised to verify the therapist’s qualifications, competence and suitability for themselves, as like with any profession, hijama therapists also come in varying degrees of competence.
So in brief, this Directory is just here to help you find your nearest available therapist. How good and experienced they are, we cannot currently say (as we currently would not have the resources to go round the world and test each one of them out!), so that will be your job to find out for yourself before you proceed with any treatments.
This current version of the directory is a major map-based upgrade of the original directory which is located at www.hijamadirectory.info , and is still under construction.
If you are a Hijama Therapist and want to add your details to this Directory, please select from one of the Packages below.

Free Basic Entry for a Year

Promote your Hijama practice and help local patients find you on this Mapped Directory
New Therapists get one years free entry to try the Hijama Directory
FREE Basic Entry
Promote your Practice / Clinic
Put yourself on the Map
Let your local patients find you
One Assisted Edit Per Year
Start your Journey on (a different type of) World Cup & connect with Therapists Worldwide!!!

1 Year BASIC Entry upgrade

After your first year of FREE entry into the Directory, if you wish to continue for another year, then upgrade to a paid Basic Entry for only £1 per month
Upgrade your entry and add more features
Paid BASIC Entry
Continue after your Year of FREE Entry
Keep Yourself On The World Cupping Directory!
Let Your Local Patients Find You By Searching On A Map
Unlimited Self-Edits, One Assisted-Edit Per Year
100% 365 Day Money Back Guarantee!: If at the end of the Year you are not satisfied with the service, we will remove your entry and refund your payment

1 Year PREMIUM Entry

Upgrade to a Premium Entry for extra features for only £2.25 per month
Upgrade your entry and add more features
Add Detailed Profile
Add Full Contact Details
Add Logo, Photos & Videos
Add Your Opening Times
Unlimited Self-Edits & Unlimited Assisted Edits Per Year
100% 365 Day Money Back Guarantee!: If at the end of the Year you are not satisfied with the service, we will remove your entry and refund your payment

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has created and is running this Directory and why?

This Directory was created as an additional service to the Hijama Blog, www.ahealth.co.uk, after receiving constant requests by blog subscribers to help them locate their nearest Hijama therapist.

What does it cost to list on the Hijama Directory?

  • The Basic Entry to the Hijama Directory is currently free for the first year for all therapists worldwide, the only OPTIONAL requirement is at some point you contribute a post about yourself and services to the Hijama blog at www.ahealth.co.uk . For an example of this, click here. After the first year, to continue your listing you can upgrade to a Basic Entry for £12 per year (£1 per month). The FREE entry allows for 1 assisted edit per year, and the Paid BASIC entry allows for 1 assisted edit per year and unlimited self-edits per year.
  • To upgrade to a verified, Premium Entry costs £27 per year (equating to £2.25 per month). This involves a process of verifying your training and experience as appropriate to your country/ part of the world, after which you can have a premium listing with a detailed profile with full details of your practice. This development has come about from feedback of directory users around the world, ie they want a directory of practitioners verified or certified in some way. The Premium Entry benefits from unlimited self-edits and assisted updates throughout the year as and when required by you.
  • NEW for 2017: Featured Entry: Therapists with established clinics can upgrade from a Premium entry to a Featured entry at £47 per year (less than £1 per week), which allows for additional features like Google Streetview of their clinic, their full details, as well FREE banner advertising on the Hijama Directory and other related sites (contact us for details).
  • If you have more than 1 practice location, you can upgrade to a 3 item Featured listing for £75 per year (equating to 45p per location per month), or a 5 item Featured listing for £97 per year(equating to 37p per location per month) (contact us for details).
  • We started the Basic FREE Directory at www.hijamadirectory.info in 2009, allowing therapists to register freely on the Directory worldwide. However 7 years later, after receiving various feedback from users and therapists, we have completed this major upgrade to a Mapped Directory which allows for maps, images, videos, and full profile details, opening times etc. This development over the past few years has involved considerable investment of time and resources which need to be covered by charging nominal fees for our higher packages which we have now implemented. An interesting side-effect of charging registration fees has been that it has started weeding out people who are dry-cupping therapists, TCM therapists, massage therapists etc. who it seems had taken up the FREE listing offer for extra publicity for their practice, however upon introduction of the charges, they have withdrawn their entries, which we think is a welcome development, as we are hoping to now build a quality directory of Hijama Therapists, as opposed to a quantity directory of Cupping, Massages & Related Therapies, as those resources already exist elsewhere on the Internet. So PLEASE ONLY REGISTER IF YOU ARE A GENUINE HIJAMA (WET-CUPPING) THERAPIST  
  • We have kept the registration fees deliberately as low as possible at this stage to allow therapists from all parts of the world to hopefully register, however please note fees are subject to review on an annual basis and may be subject to change to reflect the amount of work and resources needed to maintain this directory


I am a Hijama Therapist, how do I add my details to the Hijama Directory

Please create your account at this link: http://www.hijamadirectory.co/register-to-submit-your-items/

Once you have registered, go to the Items tab and add your entry/entries. Once you have submitted an entry, our moderators will review it within 3-5 working days, and publish if all in order, and email you the link for you to check. You can then login again to make further amendments (please note each time an edit is made, the entry will stay in draft mode until published by our moderators within 3-5 working days, so please bear with us)

Have you verified the therapists listed in your directory?

The simple answer is NOT YET, please see the explanation on the Home Page.

The reason for this is, as this is a worldwide Hijama Directory, we don't (yet) have the resources to visit each therapist personally and verify that they are indeed a competent and experienced Hijama Therapist. InshaAllah if we do eventually come with a practical system for verifying entries, we will put it in place.

For now it will be your job as a prospective Hijama patient, once you locate your nearest therapist in the directory, to verify their credentials before you proceed with any treatments.

How many therapists have you listed worldwide?

To date (March, 2016) we are aware of about 500-600 Hijama Therapists worldwide.

Our immediate goal is to find at least 1,000 worldwide to serve the Muslim Ummah of 1 Billion (that equates to at least 1 per Million Muslims!)

Eventually we think we should at least 7,000 Hijama Therapists worldwide for a world population of 7 Billion (which equates again to 1 per 1 Million Humans!)

As you can see from the above figures, it seems there is a severe shortfall of Hijama Therapists, so if you are one, please list your entry in the directory, or if you are thinking of becoming one, this may encourage you to start your journey


The directory has 3 different package levels. The basic entry is free, click below to sign up.